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26 June 2019
Bucharest, Romania
EUSDR 8th Annual Forum - B2B Sessions

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The 2019 EUSDR Annual Forum - B2B Sessions

As a key event of the 2019 EUSDR Presidency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, the European Commission and the Danube Transnational Programme are jointly organizing the 8th Annual Forum on the 27th – 28th of June 2019 in Bucharest under the motto: “Building cohesion for a shared prosperity in the Danube Region”.

The event is organized with the technical support of the Danube Strategy Point. The 2019 EUSDR Annual Forum agenda will focus on competitiveness, connectivity and regional mobility, as well as on links between Macro-regional Strategies and Cohesion and also on the possibilities of creating synergies that can result in a better embedment of EUSDR into future EU programs and policies.

For updated agenda, side-events and registration please check the www.suerd.gov.ro/en website.

IMPORTANT! The registration to the B2B sessions, from 19 to 23 June, is open only to the participants who has registered for accreditation, until 18th June 2019.



  • Cultural heritage
  • Education of people on the value of natural assets, ecosystems and the services they provide
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Energy markets
  • Inland waterway transport
  • Multimodal links
  • Preservation and improvement of the quality of soils
  • Preservation of biodiversity and landscapes
  • Rail, road and air transport
  • Tourism


  • Cooperation and exchange of knowledge between SMEs, academia and the public sector
  • Business support to strengthen the capacities of SMEs for cooperation and trade
  • To support enterprises through high performing training and qualification schemes
  • Effective implementation of measures provided under the Small Business Act for Europe
  • Competitiveness of rural areas and of the agricultural sector
  • Improvement of framework conditions for SMEs
  • Enhancing performance of education systems through closer cooperation of education institutions, systems and policies
  • Cooperation between key stakeholders of labour market, education and research policies
  • Mobility of workers, researchers and students
  • Lifelong learning (LLL) policies and best practice sharing
  • Fight poverty and social exclusion of marginalised communities in the Danube Region, especially the Roma communities
  • Implementing the flagship initiative “Innovation Union of the Europe 2020 Strategy”
  • Stimulation of innovative ideas and their wide validation in the field of the Information Society, using the concept of Living Labs


  • Cooling and ventilation equipment
  • Saving water in intensive industrial manufacturing
  • Sewage facilities & services
  • Techniques for the re-use of water
  • Treatment and disposal


  • Institutional capacity and public service
  • Trust of the citizens and stakeholders in political authorities
  • Information flow and exchange
  • Administrative cooperation of communities living in border regions
  • Administrative cooperation of qualifications of law enforcement
  • Well-functioning border-management systems
  • Managing migration issues in the Danube Region
  • Cross-sector policy coordination to address demographic and migration challenges
  • Better coordination of national, regional and EU funds to stimulate excellence in research and development
  • Strategy development improve the provision and uptake of Information and Communication Technologies

Closed since 23 June 2019
Location Palace of the Parliament (Bucharest, Romania)
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Participants 50
Meetings 47
Romania 48
Bulgaria 3
Belgium 1
Total 52
Company (SME) 9
Company (Industry) 4
University 4
R&D Institution 2
Association/Agency 19
Authority/Government 3
Start-up 1
Other 10
Total 52